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Writing About Theatre

For those new to writing about theatre (and for general inspiration for everyone) discipline-specific guides to theatre research and writing about theatre can be very useful. Here are a few suggestions:

The Writing Center

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The Robert E. Hemenway Writing Center at the the University of Kentucky offers free and friendly help to all UK students, faculty, and staff. Graduate student consultants and undergraduate consultants assist with the process of composing and communicating in writing, speaking, and multimedia projects across the curriculum, at every stage of the composing and communicating process.

The Writing Center is located in the W. T. Young Library Hub in room B108B.

UK Libraries' Research 101 Guide

Citing Your Sources

Writing a research paper means documenting, or "citing," the sources of the information you use. How do you cite your sources? Every time you quote from or mention another person's writing or research in your own paper, you also mention the source of that work in a little aside called an "annotation." At the end of your paper, you include a list called a bibliography of all the sources you used throughout.

There are many different ways to annotate or call out sources in your paper, and many different ways to format the bibliography. These are called citation styles, and the professor who assigns a paper (or the publisher of a paper if it is being written for publication) tells writers which style they should use for any particular paper. Two common styles used when writing about the arts are Chicago (the Chicago Manual of Style) and MLA (the MLA Handbook).

MLA Handbook

Citation Management

To help you keep track of the citations you find for articles, books, and images while you're researching, and to help you integrate the citations into your papers, footnotes, and bibliographies while you're writing, it can be helpful to use a citation management tools such as EndNote or Zotero.

Using a citation management tool (also called a bibliographic management tool) allows you to save your source citations for later, which is especially valuable for longer papers, like theses and dissertations, and for topics you return to over time.

EndNote logo

EndNote is a subscription software program designed to store and manipulate bibliographic information (your citations). It is one of the one of the more powerful and popular citation management tools. It is not freely available for everyone, but as a UK student or staff or faculty member, you can download and use EndNote as part of the university's subscription.

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Citing and Plagiarism