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Streaming Media at the University of Kentucky Libraries: Films on Demand

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About Films on Demand

Films on Demand is a humanities and social sciences streaming video platform. Our larger subscription to Films on Demand will be replaced by Academic Video Online (AVON) through Proquest at the beginning of 2024. UK Libraries will continue to subscribe to Films on Demand's World Cinema Collection. It will also continue to serve as the hosting platform for UK Libraries' streaming video files, including the Appalshop collection.

Searching and browsing the catalog

A search bar is located at the top of every page. The menu bar in the top left corner also allows browsing by various methods:

  • featured subjects (i.e., Biology, History, Sociology)
  • featured categories (i.e., Best of Ken Burns, Great Documentaries)
  • featured producers

The menu bar also provides a calendar link, which leads to a page of timely topics, holidays, famous people, etc, all linked to resources. The current month will be visible by default. Clicking on any event will take you to a list of all resources in UK Libraries' holdings related to the specific calendar item.

Creating quizzes

Instructors and students can create video-specific quizzes that are embedded in the video. For more information, see the Films on Demand documentation.

Mobile Apps

Films On Demand Android App

Films On Demand Apple App

Users must sign in with their username and password credentials for their institution. An active Films On Demand subscription is required for access.

Creating playlists

What can be added to playlists:

  • video (full titles and segments)
  • audio
  • custom segments
  • custom content
  • web channels

Content can be added to playlists using the Add To page tool. This page tool can be found on all search results and media viewing pages, when the content type is supported. Click on the Add To link, and then the Add to Playlist tab.

The Add to Playlist option contains the following features and functionality:

  • Add Full Title - Click on this option to add only the full title to your playlist.
  • Add All Segments - Click on this option to add all segments for a video to your playlist. This will exclude the full title.
  • Individual Segments - You can use the CTRL key and your mouse to select as many individual segments as you like.
  • Add To Playlist - Select an existing playlist to add more content.
  • New Playlist - Enter a name for the playlist and click on this button to create a new playlist from the selections.

Rights and Restrictions

  • Classroom viewing allowed? Yes
  • Public performance rights? Yes
  • Concurrent usage restrictions? No

Creating clips

The My Content section allows anyone who is logged in with a user account to manage and access their own custom clips, or segments, as Films on Demand calls them. These segments do not alter the original video and are not downloadable. Segments that are created are visible on the segments tab of any video they were originally created from, at the bottom of the segments tab.

All custom segments are stored in the My Content section of your account and can be organized into folders. They can be organized into other folders within the My Custom Segments section.

Custom segments can be created from:

  • Video (full titles and segments)
  • Custom Content

Custom segments cannot be created from web channel videos.

Creating Custom Segments:

Custom Segments can be created using the Segment page tool located below the video player. If you do not see the Custom Segment page tool, please check your user preferences to verify that you have the Custom Segment page tool enabled.

Create segments screenshot