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Streaming Media at the University of Kentucky Libraries: Home

Identifies possible source of streaming media

Intro to Streaming Media at UK Libraries

With the growing number of online courses at the University of Kentucky, UK Libraries can no longer depend on traditional audio-visual material to meet the needs of its students. We are working with several streaming media vendors to bring streaming video to our students, staff. and faculty. This guide provides tutorials on accessing and using content from a number of our most popular streaming media providers.

Copyright, Fair Use and Licenses

Questions often come up about streaming media such as can I show a clip in the classroom or in a presentation? Can I share the link with friends, my class or have a public performance. These questions are complex and tricky and you may get a NO in one case, but a YES another time. One reason is that streaming media often does not fall completely with the realm of copyright or fair use, but fails instead under license agreements. The license agreements may vary from title to title or be dependent on which vendor platform the film is on. 

Generally, you can use streaming media from UK Libraries Resources as an individual researcher and for use in the classroom or under Canvas. There will be more limits as to what might be available for public performance particularly to events open to the public and not limited to UK faculty, staff and students.  

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