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Index to Printed Music (IPM)


The Index to Printed Music (IPM) is the digital finding aid for locating musical works contained in printed collections, sets, and series.  IPM indexes individual pieces of music printed in the complete works of composers, anthologies of music, and other scholarly editions. 

What Is IPM?

IPM is a digital finding tool for locating musical works in printed collections, sets, and series.

COVERAGE is continuously updated; currently IPM contains 582,000 entries from 32,000 volumes in 1,600 series.

TYPES OF COLLECTIONS INDEXED include composers' collected works and music anthologies.

SUBJECTS focus on music and musical life.

Tips for Searching IPM

Search Strategy Syntax Sample Search Retrieves--
Boolean Operators AND dufay AND motet records with both terms
  OR recorder OR flute records with at least one of the terms
  NOT jazz NOT monk records that contain the term "jazz" but exclude the term "monk"
Truncation * symphon* symphony, symphonic, symphonisches, etc.
Wild Card: Alternate Spelling # dunsta#le dunstable, dunstaple
Wild Card: Unknown Character ? despre? despres, desprez
Phrases "  " "figured bass" the EXACT phrase; good for song & aria titles
Nesting/Parentheses (  ) (ballade AND rondeau) NOT virelai items that exclude the term "virelai", but contain both terms "ballade" and "rondeau"
Proximity n# mozart n5 figaro both terms when within 5 words of each other in any order
  w# mozart w5 figaro bother terms when within 4 words of each other in the order specified

Search IPM

Search IPM
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