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Lesbian Studies: Home

The research and study of lesbians.

Table of Contents


Archival Collections / Conferences

  • Archival collections in the U.S. and abroad
  • Conferences, festivals, and events
  • Organizations

Audio Visuals

  • Film and video titles, and web series

Books, Journals, & Databases

  • Book and journal titles, articles, and bibliographies

Comic Books, Strips, & Cartoons

  • Lesbian comics drawn by women

Early Lesbian Books

  • Early titles from different countries, ethnicities, and races

Full-length Movies, Free, Online

  • Movies on YouTube & other sites

Government Sources / Grants

  • U.S. Government publications on the web
  • National and international government websites
  • National LGBT Bar Association
  • Grants


  • Databases and article citations
  • Book titles
  • Academic websites - sources

Lesbian Oral History Interviews

  • Collections
  • Individuals

Marketing and Products

  • Book titles and articles, and products

Music & Musicians

  • Books and journal titles
  • Databases, documentaries & films
  • Sound recordings

Older Lesbians

  • Books, organizations, videos

Politics & Social Movements

  • Databases and article citations
  • Book titles
  • Websites, theses and dissertations

Sources: Bi-sexual, Gay Male, Queer, Transgendered

  • Book and journal titles, research, archival materials
  • Government resources, comic books and cartoons
  • Bibliographies, audio visuals

Thesis and Dissertation Research

  • Locating titles in the catalog and databases

Virtual Exhibit- University of Kentucky

  • 2015 Black History Month Exhibit - KY LGBTQ* History

UK Special Collections / KY Organizations

  • Collections with lesbian content
  • Kentucky LGBTQ organizations and research guides

Recent Research Findings

  • Lesbian Focused Research
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer
  • There is much more

Lesbian Research Guide

Research and Study



This guide has been created to highlight the research and study of lesbians. 

  • Lesbian studies is an interdisciplinary field so relevant materials will be found within a wide range of subject sources.
  • More contemporary sources will present the term "lesbian" in combination with gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, or LGBTQ. 
  • Older scholarly resources may refer to lesbians as homosexuals, homosexual women, queer women, or gay women.

Lesbian - a woman whose emotional, sexual, and romantic orientations are toward women.  The present use of the term was first expressed during the latter half of the 1800s.


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Same Sex Marriage in the United States