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Lesbian Studies: Symbols and Flags

The research and study of lesbians.

Double Venus Lesbian Symbol

Free Gay Lesbian illustration and picture

Double Venus

The lesbian union sign.

Lesbian Black Triangle

Black triangle.svg

In Nazi Germany, the downward pointing black triangle indicated persons who were asocial which included lesbians. The symbol was reclaimed by lesbians after WWII.

Lesbian Buttons

The cover of an LHA newsletter dated fall 2001 features a variety of Lesbian and Feminist themed pin-on buttons.

Front cover of Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter #18, 2001.

Copied from the Lesbian Herstory Archives webpage.

Lesbian Pride Flag

Lesbian pride variant of the gay pride flag with the double-Venus symbol[18][5]

Rainbow Pride Flag

Free Pride Lgbt illustration and picture

Labrys Lesbian Pride Flag

Labrys Lesbian Pride Flag


Free Purple Hydrangeas Stock Photo

The Sapphic Violet

Violets have been associated with lesbians for centuries. and gained in popularity in the 1920s.

Lesbian Pride Flag

Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag

Image of the Lipstick Lesbian Flag designed in 2010 by Natalie McCray featuring six shades of pink and red stripes, one white one in the middle, and a red kiss overlay.

Butch Lesbian Pride Flag

Butch Lesbian Pride Flag

The Toaster

Free Toaster Toasting vector and picture

It's a old joke that a lesbian will receive a toaster for converting a straight woman.