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Lesbian Studies: Marketing & Products

The research and study of lesbians.

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Roses by echiechi @ Pixabay

Free photos of Flower

When Subaru came out (Classic)

Subaru Wrx Sti Multi Color by jtaevans @ Pixabay

Free photos of Subaru wrx sti


Lesbians & U-Haul

Free Hand Truck Handtruck illustration and picture

Image by Hitcome @ Pixabay

Academic Articles

Below is a list of databases with sample citations to full-text articles about lesbians and marketing. All are available via the University of Kentucky Libraries.

Book Titles

Articles on the Web

Types of Products Marketed to Lesbians

This list is NOT an endorsement of any product mentioned below.

The selections represent a small sample of the types of products and services marketed to lesbians.

Lack of Marketing to Lesbians