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Lesbian Studies: Audiobooks

The research and study of lesbians.

Lesbian Audiobook Title Covers

Femme Like Her audiobook coverLegends & Lattes by Travis Baldree Audiobook CoverBehind Closed Doors Audiobook By Anna Stone cover arterotic audiobooksCinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron Audiobook CoverPatsy book coverDelilah Green Doesn't Care book coverFingersmith Audiobook, by Sarah WatersSofi and the Bone Song by Adrienne Tooley Audiobook CoverRubyfruit Jungle, Rita Mae BrownThe Secret of You and Me Audiobook By Melissa Lenhardt cover artFirst Time Lesbian: Three Book Collection by Simone Carter - Audiobook -  Audible.comThe Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin book covercover image of It's Not What You Thought


An audiobook, or talking book, is a recording of a narrator reading a book or other work aloud. The recording of the complete text is "unabridged." A recording of a shorter version of the text is an "abridgement." The term audiobook came about in the 1970s, and the Audio Publishers Association made the term the industry standard in 1994. Book retailers began selling audiobooks in the 1980s. Lesbian audio books are available for purchase in many formats: LP vinyl, CD, cassette, a downloaded digital MP3 file, online streaming, etc. There are also many free titles that may be streamed online. There are free stand-alone titles for check-out at public libraries. Titles may also be freely downloaded or streamed via public libraries. 

Online Audiobook @ YouTube

Online Audiobook @ Youtube

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There are many, many more stores that sell lesbian audiobooks in the United States. Search online to find the stores of your choice.

How to Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks can be played using a number of devices: a cassette player; mp3 player, CD player, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, laptop and desktop computers. A record player will be needed for the old school LP vinyl audiobook recordings. 


For personal listening, there are speakers, headphones, airbuds, and bone conduction headphones, all of which may or may not be tethered to a device (Bluetooth wireless) . 

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