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Data Sources provided by UK Libraries: Getting Started

A guide to help you get started in your pursuit of datasets. UK Libraries provide many data sources across many disciplines.

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Research Methods & Protocols

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Data Sources available from UK Libraries

Gapminder country dataData are factual pieces of information -- identified, gathered, and coded systematically to help define or enhance a body of knowledge. While raw data are akin to raw materials, it is through their analysis and visualization that data provide insights. Through insights, knowledge moves forward.

Statistical, textual, and visual types of data include cultural, demographic, economic, financial, geographical, geospatial, historical, meteorological & climatological, qualitative, scientific, transportation data, and more!

Data sources at UK Libraries: Are you a professor in need of datasets for student assignments? Are you a student looking for datasets to practice your data analysis and visualization skills? We offer many data sources here at UK Libraries.

If you've ever searched for datasets and library resources about research methods & protocols, data analysis and statistical methods, and data visualization, this guide is for you!

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