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Data Sources provided by UK Libraries: Additional UKL resources allowing data & text mining

A guide to help you get started in your pursuit of datasets. UK Libraries provide many data sources across many disciplines.

Library resources and tools:

Additional library resources -- Both text and data mining are explicitly permitted:

AACR Journal Package (American Association for Cancer Research):
  1. Cancer Discovery. Subject area(s): Medicine.
  2. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. Subject area(s): Medicine.
  3. Cancer Prevention Research. Subject area(s): Medicine.
  4. Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.). Subject area(s): Medicine.
  5. Clinical Cancer Research. Subject area(s): Medicine.
  6. Molecular Cancer Research. Subject area(s): Medicine.
  7. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Subject area(s): Medicine.
Accessible Archives:
Adam Matthew:
  1. American History, 1493-1945. Subject area(s): History.
  2. China: Trade, Politics, and Culture, 1793-1980. Subject area(s): Chinese Studies, Economics, History.
  3. Defining Gender, 1450-1910. Subject area(s): Gender & Women's Studies, History, Sociology.
  4. Empire Online. Subject area(s): History, Political Science, Sociology.
  5. Everyday Life and Women in America, c. 1800-1920. Subject area(s): Gender & Women's Studies, History, Sociology.
  6. Literary Print Culture: The Stationers’ Company Archive. Subject area(s): English, History.
  7. Virginia Company Archives. Subject area(s): Geography, History.
International Press of Boston
  1. Communications in Analysis and Geometry. Subject area(s): Mathematics.
  2. Current Developments in Mathematics. Subject area(s): Mathematics.
  3. Homology, Homotopy and Applications. Subject area(s): Mathematics.
Annual Reviews:
American Medical Association:
  • JAMA. Subject area(s): Medicine.

Only text mining is explicitly permitted:

  1. BioOne. Subject area(s): Agriculture, Biology, Environmental Sciences.
  2. ICE Virtual Library. Subject area(s): Engineering.