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Data Sources provided by UK Libraries: Engineering

A guide to help you get started in your pursuit of datasets. UK Libraries provide many data sources across many disciplines.

Data sources for Engineering

  1. Annual Reviews. Both text and data mining explicitly permitted. Subject area(s): All disciplines.
  2. ICE Virtual Library. Engineering portal from the Institute of Civil Engineers. Only text mining explicitly permitted. Subject area(s): Engineering.
  3. Kentucky Geological Survey Databases, Maps, and Publications. . Subject area(s): Architecture, Design, Engineering, Geography, Geology, History, Transportation.
  4. OECD iLibrary: Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. Subject area(s): Economics, Education, Engineering, Sociology, Statistics, Transportation.
  5. OECD Papers. . Subject area(s): Agriculture, Business, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Finance, FLIE (countries), Foreign Affairs, Political Science, Sociology, Statistics.
  6. OECD Science, Technology and R&D Statistics. Subject area(s): Business, Economics, Engineering, Patents, Statistics.
  7. World Energy Outlook (1994-2014). Subject area(s): Business, Economics, Engineering, FLIE (countries), Foreign Affairs.