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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: A


Abell, Sam                                               

   Pamphlet & Article:

      Jamie Gumbrecht, “He Got the Picture,” Lexington Herald-Leader, September 22, 2006, 22.

Adams, Dobree

Adams, Patrick

    Press Release & flyers

    Online Newspaper Article        


Adams, Ruth


      Rich Copley, “378 Days in the Life of Cancer,” Lexington Herald-Leader, March 14, 2004, 1.

Adkins, Minnie

Akers, Gary

Albritton, Matthew

Alderman, Diana

Alke, Stephen

Alley, Nick       

Allison, Diana

Altman, Trent

Alvic, Phillis


     Nancy Bronner, “Up Against the Wall The Complex Textiles of Philis Alvic,” Arts Across Kentucky, August 2000, 9.

Ament, Don

   Price list and Articles:

       Announcement in Nougat Magazine April 2007 front page

       Tom Eblen, “Tempur-Pedic taps inspiration from Local Artists,” Lexington Herald-Leader, February 11, 2013, 1.

Ammerman, Sarah

Amyx, Clifford

    Pamphlet & Articles:

      Vanessa Bentley, “Former Faculty Honored in Exhibit,” Kentucky Kernel, September 13, 1995, 7.

      Jennifer Hewlett, “Clifford Amyx, ex-UK art teacher, dies at 88,” Lexington Herald-Leader, July 31, 1997, C2. 


Ananian, Michael

Anderson, Ann            


      David Minton, “Mythical women tell modern tales,” Lexington Herald-Leader, February 17, 2002, K4.

Andersen, Barry

Anderson, Lawrence

Anderson, Winslow

Andre, Yerger   

Andrus, Gordon           

Andrus, William           

Arbus, Diane           


      Gene Thornton, “Narrative Works and Arbus,” The New York Times.

      Patricia Bosworth, “Diane Arbus Her Vision, Life, and Death,”The New York Times Magazine, May 13, 1984, 41. 

Archambeault, James


      Tom Carter, “Showing his Colors,” Lexington Herald-Leader, April 14, 1988.D.

   Newsletters: Bluegrass Conservatory

Armstrong, Jesta         

Armstrong, Steve         


      Shannon Elben, “His Gears are Always Working,” Lexington Herald-Leader, May 28, 2010. 12

      Heather Castro, “Art That Moves You and Moves gears and pulleys animate Lexintonian’s fear and joy,”  Lexington Herald-Leader, October 16, 2005. E7

      Heather Castro, “Whimsy and foreboding,” Lexington Herald-Leader, December 5. 2004. D7

      Carrie Morrison, “3-D works coming to ArtsPlace,” Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1995. 7.

      Brooke Collins, “Splendid Automata,” Nougat Magazine, March 2007. 16. 

      Nancy Wolsk, “Love’s Labors,” Ace Weekly, February 8, 2007. 6.

Arnillas Beatriz           

Arnold, David           

Arnow, Jan



Asher, Dorothy

Ashley, John


      Sarah Vos, "Hidden Talent A noted Lexington Photographer's Unusual Art Goes on Display for the First Time," Lexington Herald-Leader, June 16, 2006.                  

Assael, Steven


Au, Andrew           

Audubon, John      


Azeris, Adam