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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: T

Ta - Te

Tagaki, Madoka

Takahara, Takeshi

Tall, Cheryl

Tambler, Ken

Tapley, Sheldon

   Robinson, Travis.  "Natural Collections," Kentucky Kernel, Sept. 27, 1996, 2.

Tarpey, Lawrence

Taylor, Ed

Taylor, Merinda

Taylor, Michael

Tesler, Diane

Th - Ti

Tharsing, Robert

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   Nance, Kevin.  "One artist, two views," Lexington Herald-Leader, Nov. 10, 1996, F1,5.

Thomas, Chris

Thomas, David A.

Thomas, Gloria

   Tower, Ann.  "Biblical vision," Lexington Herald-Leader, June 17, 1990, B1,6.

   Prather, Paul.  "Local artist has brush with faith," Lexington Herald-Leader, J1,2.

Thompson, Kara Beth

Thompson, Tamara

Thompson, Teresa

Thorne, Florence

Timmons, Karmel

Ti - To

Tindall, Dana

Tippie, William

Tissot, James

   Russell, John.  "Tissot's Religious Works Rediscovered," New York Times, March 7, 1982.

Todd, Yvonne

Tolle, Mitchell

Tolson, Donny

Tolson, Edgar

   Tower, Ann.  "Woodcarver left mark on art world," Lexington Herald-Leader, Sept. 13, 1984, D1.

Tomlinson, Noreen

Tower, Ann

   Weiner, Jennifer.  "Ann Tower:  Artist gets inspiration from her surroundings," Lexington Herald-Leader, March 17, 1994, You 3.

Tozzi, Claudio 

Turner, Sara

Tr - Tu

Trauth, Patrice

Tribe, Mark

Turner, Brian & Sara

   Lewis, Celeste. "Cricket Press Keeps Humming," Business Lexington, Nov. 22, 2011.

Tuska, John   

   Eblen, Tom.  "Shaping a Legacy," Lexington Herald-Leader, Sept. 28, 2008, F1.

Tuttle, Belinda J.

Tyler, Lisa