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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: D


Dagula, Esthela           

Dant, Tom           

Darriau, Jean-Paul           

Daugherty, Shirley           

Davie, Tom           

Davis, Carolyn           

Davis, Darryl


      Sarah Zopfi, “Artist Joins Lint with Art” Kentucky Kernel, December 4, 2002. 3.

      Lisa Brown, “Buffalo Soldiers Multimedia Art by Daryl Davis, Arts Across Kentucky, Spring 204. 59.

Davis, Dorsey           

Davis, Lenore           

Davis, Paul           

Davis, Robert           

Davis, Leon           

Dawkins, Zach


Dean, Mary Louise

   Price list 

Decker, Evan           

Deetz, Kristy           

Degorge, Victor           

Denchev, Nikolai           

DenDekker, Lisa           

Deprie, G.C           

Derer, Cindy


      Lucy Evans, “Filling Cavities: In Art and Teeth,” Chevy Chaser Magazine, August 2011. 34.

Desposito, Martha

Deyling, Heather


Dibble, Jean           

Dobson, James           

Doering, Frank           

Donaldson, Jamie

Donnelly, Dalphina           

Donoho, David


      “To the Boys of Breathitt Art Is No Longer Sissy,” Kentucky Art.

Donohue, Michael

   Press release & Article  

      John Hennessy, “Art,” East Villager, April 1, 1980.    

Dorazio, Susan   

Doring, Frank    

Dorsett, Stephen      

Downing, Joe

   Press releases, Reviews, Pamphlets & Articles:

      Paula Burba, “Artist Joseph D. Downing, 82, dies,” The Courier-Journal, January 1, 2008. B6.Duncan, Isaac

Duncan, Isaac

Dupree, Lisa