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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: O

Oa - O'H

Oakes, John Warren

Oates, Thomas

O"Brien, Kathleen

Ogden, Joyce

O'Hanlon, Ann Rice

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O'Hanlon, Richard

   "The sculpture of Richard O'Hanlon" (San Francisco:  San Francisco Museum of Art, 1961).

Ol - Ow

Olsen, Dennis

Olszewski, Christopher

Oppegard, Sandra

Orff, Kate

Osborne, Patti

Osolnik, Rude

Oswald, Tony

Overall, Cynthia Kelly

Owens, Janice, Harding

   Larkin, Kathy.  "A Folk Art Family: Ron and Janice Owens." (Lexington:  ACE magazine, March 1993, p. 27).

Oyasin, Mitakuye