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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: K


Kahlo, Diane

Kamwathi, Peterson


      "From Kenya to Kentucky, international artist displays work from UK residency."  UK News, Nov. 21, 2005, 1

Kan, Kit-Keung

Kannapell, Mary Dennis

Kasten, Bart

Kayafas, Gus

Kellam, Jack


Kellar, Wayne


      Bettye Lee Mastin, "Woodcarver has special touch for animals."  Lexington Herald-Leader.

Kelley, Harold M.

Kelly, Cynthia Ryan

Kelly, Kathleen

Kelly, Lloyd

Kelly, Pam

Kelly, Wallace

Kemper, Guy

   Pamphlet & Articles:

      Tom Eblen, "Windows reflect his vision."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Feb 27, 2011, E1, 6. 

      Celeste Lewis, "Tempur-Pedic's new HQ reflect company's creative character.", accessed 2/15/2013.

Kent, Rita

Kershner, Betty

Key, Kyle


Kielar, Carolyn

Kim, Eonju

Kim, Hee Sook

Kim, Young

Kimani, Jimnah

Kincaid, Ted

King, Glenda

King, Ron

King, Susan

King, William


Kingman Eduardo


      David Minton, "Ecuadorean's works reflect time of turmoil."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Sept. 10, 1989, B5.

Kingsland, Charles

Kinney, Charley

Kinney, Noah, Charley & Hazel


      Andy Mead, They carved out their family."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Jan. 30, 1985, D1, 10.

Kirstein, Janis

Kleinhlter, Ray

Knipschild, Robert

Knippers, Ed

Pamphlet & Poster

Koehler, Henry

Kohlhepp, Norman


      Ann Tower, "Older artists' works featured in exhibit." Lexington Herald Leader.

Kohlmeyer, Ida

Kurzinger, Betsy

Clematis (2001)

Print commissioned by the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council (reproduced with permission)


Kranking, Margaret

Kraus, Romuald


Krizmanic, Tatjana

Kruer, Diane

Kuehne, Judith