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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: W

Wainscott, Clay

Atom Adam (1995)

Black Pearl (1991)

Prints commissioned by the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council (reproduced with permission)


Wachtel, Gloria

Wagner, Michael

Wagoner, Cate

Wainscott, Clay

   Moore, Les.  "DeConstructing the Art Review:  Criticizing the Critic," Nougat Magazine, Nov. 2006, 22.

Wagner, James

Wakeman, Phil

Wald, Sylvia

Walker, Frank, X.

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Walker, John

Wallace, Naomi

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Walters, Dallas

Ward, John

Warren, Mark

Washington, Earl

Waters, Kathryn M.

Wathen, Mary

Watkins, Kathy 


Wear, Julie

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Weaver, Greg

Webb, Sid

Weddington, Matthew

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Weedman, Kenneth

Weedman, Russell Scott

Weems, Carrie Mae

Weidlich, Brian

Weinfurtner, Kenneth

Weis, Jeremy

Weisberg, Frank

Weiss, Marion

Welleford, Sandra

Wells, Catherine S.

Wells, Judy Rhea

Welsh, William P.

   Niles, Rena.  "The Mural is Gaining Wide Adherence," Courier-Journal Magazine, April 18, 1948, 12.

West, Elaine

West, Rondle

West, William Edward

   "Lord Byron's Kentucky Connection,"  Lexington Herald-Leader, Oct 2, 1979, 1.

Westerfield, Debbie

Weyer, Liz

Wheeler, Larry

Wheeler, Teresa

Wh - Wi

Whitcopf, Dennis

White, Adele

White, Brook Forrest, Jr.

White, Kelly

White, Valerie

Whitehouse, C.T.

Whitesell, John

Widener, George

Wieck, Cliff

Wiesner, Fred

Wiggins, M.P.

Wilbraham, Lee F.

Wilke, Rudolf

Williams, Charles

Williams, Gregory K.

Williams, LaVon

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Williams, Peter

Williams, Robert Lynch

Wilson, Ellis

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Wilson, Liam

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Wilson, Molly Costich

Wilson, Rick

Wimberley, John

Wing, Carlton

   Minton, David.  "Wing exhibit works wonders for the psyche," Lexington Herald-Leader, Jan. 6, 2002, K4.

Winters, Michael

Wise, Kathryn

Wo - Wr

Wolfe, George C.

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Wolff, Fritz

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Wolter, Will

Wong, Albert

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Wood, Ruth Hunt

Work, Martha

Wright, Ben

Wright, George

Wright, Phyllis S.