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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: C

Carter, Dan


Print commissioned by the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council (reproduced with permission)


Cabe, Elizabeth

Callander, Adrienne          

Calvin, Louise


      Annette Mayer, “Sculptress Turns Tree Stumps, Twigs into Art,” Lexington Herald-Leader, April 28, 1974.

Cantrell, Jim          

Cappelli, Stephen          

Carden, Lynn  

Carden, Robert          

Carr, Geoffrey

Caudill, Dave

   Clipping: ArtScene, Lexarts, 10

Cavalcanti, Emiliano                              

Cawein, Madison

   Calendar page        

Cerlan, Gayle      


Chaet, Bernard           

Chamberlain, Rebecca           

Chandler, Toss           

Chaplin, Tom

   Press Releases

Chapman, Cheryl           

Chapman, Gary           

Chapman, Lucinda        


      Rich Copley, “Horse Tales,” Lexington Herald-Leader

Chapman, Stow       

Chase, Joseph           

Chinn, Stacey           

Chodkowski, Henry          

   Artist statement & Article:

      Sarah Lansdell, "In Chodkowski ‘realism,’ it’s Light that’s Real,” The Courier-Journal & Times, May 4, 1975. H16.

Choo, Fong

Choy, Cam

Church, Monica


      Regan Rock, “Colorized Landscapes in Lexington Area Blessed by Church’s Paintings,” Kentucky Kernel, October 18, 1993.

Church, Noah           

Clapp, Elizabeth           

Clark, Jayme           

Clark, Jude           

Clark, Sonya           

Claxton, George         


      Claudia Thomas, “Tribute to George Claxton at Artists Attic,” Lexington Herald-Leader, April 16, 1995. F4.

Clements, Eddie

   Press Release

Cline, Halena           

Clotfelter, Jack           

Cloyd, Robert        

Van Deren Coke

Van Deren Coke was a Lexington native and charter member of the Lexington Camera Club.  He received a Bachelor's degree in history and art history at UK, an MFA in art history and studio at Indiana University and studied art history & photography at Harvard.  He was an Assistant Professor at University of Florida, an Associate Professor at Arizona State, Professor of Art, Chair of the Art Department and Director of the Art Museum at University of New Mexico, Director of the International Museum of Photography at the Geoge Eastman House and Curator of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Many of his exhibition catalogs and books are available at the UK Fine Arts Library. 


Coates, Thomas           

Cochran, Jack


      Robin Roenker, “Artist Prayed for Gift to Grace Retirement-Found New Call After Going Death,” Lexington Herald-Leader, September 29, 2007.

Cochran, Jane           

Coffman, Randall           

Coke, Van Deren

   Pamphlet & Articles:

      Obituaries,” Lexington Herald-Leader, July 22, 2004.B4.

      David Minton, “Camera’s Eye, Artist’s Vision,” Lexington Herald-Leader, October 20, 1991.

      David Minton,“Art Notes,” Lexington Herald-Leader.

Cole, Willie


      Amy Wilson, “More to See,” Lexington Herald-Leader, January 27, 2006. 22.

      Whitney Hale, “Seeing the Art in Everything,” UK News, January 9, 2006

      Charlinda Brashear, “Renowned ‘Iron Willie’ Transforms ordinary Junk into Extraordinary Art,” The Kentucky Kernel, January 24, 2006. 

Colldecarrera, Pere

   Artist Statement

Collins, Georgia

   Newspaper Article:

      Mark Vanderhoff, "Collins Looking to Deeper Side of Art,” Kentucky Kernel, March 31, 1999. 3.

Collins, Harold


      Jennifer Hewlett, “Harold Dean Collins Kentucky Artist Known for Portraits, Dies at 79,” Lexington Herald-Leader, December 8, 1987. B7.

Collins-Langford, Jan

Contreras, Susan

            Postcards: 1

Cook, Donna

Cooper, Calvin

Cooper, Cornelia

Cooper, Gerald

Corbin, Tarrence           

Corey, Irene           

Cornett, Al           

Correll, Cheryl           

Corum, Jaime           

Counts, Ed           

Courtenaye, Catherine           

Cowan, Ralph


      Sue Wahlgren, “Ex-Lexington’s Art Links World Leaders,” Lexington Herald-Leader, December 13, 1987. K2.

      Billy Reed, “Lexington’s Show-Biz Artist,” The Courier-Journal & Times Magazine, June 13, 1976. 8.

Cowden, Mark      

Cox, Dorothy


      Bettye Mastin, “At the Loom, On Canvas, At the Wheel,” Herald-Leader, January 7, 1973. 66.

Coyle, Carlos           

Cozzens, Andrew           

Crabtree, Carole

Crawford, Anne           

Craycraft, Paul           

Crocker, Helen           

Cunningham, Caren           

Curling, Brian         

Currier, Mary

Currier, Wendy           

Currier, Zumwalt