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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: B


Bagdasaryan, Vladimir

Bannister, VonAda

Barnes, Dan

Bailey, Linda           

Bain, Roger           

Baird, Myra


      “Hobby Has Become a Major Achievement,” The Courier Journal, Louisville, March 23, 1940

Baird, Deborah

Baldwin, Betty           

Ball, Buddy           

Banks, Pat


      Leon Stafford, “Berea Fair Connects Public Creative Space,” Lexington Herald-Leader, October 11, 1995. 14.

Banyai, Lisa           

Bard, Dr. James

Barker, Keith   

Barker, Linvel           

Barkley, Tona           

Barnes, Michael           

Barnes, Tom           

Barnhart, Raymond P

   Pamphlets & Articles: 

      "Deaths” Communi-K, September 15, 1996. 3.

Barragan, Paula

Bartlett, Benjamin


      Jenisha Watts, “Distilling a Legacy into Bronze,” The Kentucky Kernel, September 15, 2005. 1.

Bates, Wayne

Bayar, Tulu

Beaumont, Theresa

Beck, Andrew

Beck, Angela


      Karla Ward, “Designs are Bearing Fruit- Pomegranate’s Textile Business has Outgrown the Farm,” Lexington Herald-Leader, May 8, 2006.

Becker, Pat           

Begley, Eulalie           

Behm, Betsy           

Beirne, Barbara           

Bellan-Gillen, Patricia           

Benzle, Curtis & Suzan           

Berchtold, Gladys

Berg, Peter

    Pamphlet & Artist Biography

Bernhard, Ruth

Berninghaus, Oscar

Berry, Kathryn

Beshoar, Betty

Beyer, Al


Bibbs, Gary

   Pamphlets, Clippings & Articles:

      Sarah Hoye, “Dynamic Doors,” Lexington Herald-Leader, September 16, 2003. 1.

      Heather Rex, “Standing Tall Sculptures by Gary Bibbs and Issac Duncan,” Chevy Chaser, June 2003. 9. 

      “Art Professor’s Work Included in MLK Exhibit,” UK News, April 15, 2002. 5.

      Todd Piccirilli, “Sowing Community Seeds,” Ace Magazine, December 17, 1998. 15.

      Rick Baker, “Artist Uses Steel, Students to Create Impressions, Communi-K, October 14, 1996. 5.

      Dan Adkins, “Bibbs Artwork Searches for Truth, Humanity,” UK News, May 3, 1999. 4.

      David Minton, “Isaac Murphy’s Last Ride,” Lexington Herald-Leader.           

Bickett, Louis Zoellar

   Pamphlet & Article:

      Heather Castro, “Displaying a Wealth of Talent Summer Exhibit Gathers the Award-winning Works of Kentucky Artists for the First Time,” Lexington          Herald-Leader, July 21, 2006. 20.

Baker, Brandy

Baker, Nathan

Bier, Justus

Binford, Anne


      David Minton, “Years After ‘Heady’ Start, Artist Hits Her Stride,” Lexington Herald-Leader, June 18, 1989. B1.

Bingham, Isaac

Birdsong, Todd


Bishop, Robert

    Pamphlet & Articles

      Rita Reif, “How One Man’s Enthusiasm Enriched the Folk-Art Realm,” The New York Times, March 14, 1993. 33.

Bishop, Steve

Black, Michael

Blain, Sandra

Blake, Beth

Block, Lou

Blum, Aaron


      Candace Chaney, “Of Its Place and its Time,” Lexington Herald-Leader, October 8, 2010. 9.

Boatright, John.

Boatright, Ryan

Bodnar, Peter


Bolander, Eric

Bolotin, Jay


      Heather Castro, “Unusual Film Blends Modern Technology, Traditional Craft,” Lexington Herald-Leader, August 14, 2006. E7. 

      Diane Heilenman, “Putting it Together Jay Bolton’s Opera Blends Prints, Sculptures, Music, And Words,” The Courier-Journal Arts & Leisure, February          18, 2001.

      Kevin Nance, “Telling a Story in His Own Woods,” Lexington Herald-Leader, April 6, 1997. F4.

      Ann Tower, “Winning Combination Kentucky Native Jay Bolotin Mixes Music, Drama, and Art,” Lexington Herald-Leader, March 13, 1988.

Bona, Maryanne

Booher, Kevin


         Sarah Lansdell, “Kevin Booher’s Nonretinal Art that’s Relevant,” The Courier-Journal & Times, February 9, 1975. 13.

Borden, William

Borower, Djawid

Borowiec, Andrew

Bower, Gary

   Press Release


Braber, Diane

Bratcher, Dale

Brechner, Michael

Brett, Tanya           

Bright, Barney           

Brindley, Charles           

Brixey, Shawn


      David Minton, “Building His Imagination,” Lexington Herald-Leader, March 22, 1992. F2.

Bronkhorst, Arnd           

Brosio, John           

Bruckner, Beverly           

Brunner, Warren           

Bryant, Jim           

Bryant, Susan           

Burkhart, Peggy           

Burks, Joseph


      Ann Tower, “Artist’s Paintings Study in Contrasts,” Lexington Herald-Leader, October 7, 1984.

Burns, Herman           

Burns, Todd           

Burris, Bruce


      Rich Copley, “Going to Leave a Mark Artist and Arts Activist Bruce Burris is Moving Away, but his Presence will Remain,” Lexington Herald-Leader,          March 17, 2013.

Butler, Linda  


      Betty Mastin, “Photographer Sheds Light on Shakers,” Lexington Herald-Leader, January 20, 1985.

      "Country Places, Forgotten Spaces, Image of Japan and Kentucky."  Odyssey, Winter 1988, 37-43

Butterworth, Eve           

Byers, Andy