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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: G


Gampp, Nick

Gandert, Jeff

Garber, Ed

Garfinkel, Evelyn

Garner, Joyce

Gatewood, Jim

Gatewood-Waddell, Alice

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Gentry, Gail

Gerhard, Pat

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Germano, Thomas

Gerlitz, Guido



Giacomo, Sharon

Gierosky, Elizabeth Goshorn

Giles, Harriet

Gilliam, Susan

   Ian Hickman, " Artist puts new faces on High Street," Kentucky Kernel, Sept. 17, 2003, 1,3.

Girard, Jack

Girone, Vito

Githuka, Alan

Glaser, Karen

Glasgow, Ellen

   Scott Armstrong, "Capital Gallery--Built on Capital Ideas."  Ace Magazine, May 1995, 27.

Glaziere, Marsha


Gonsalez, Suzanne

Winters (2002)

Print commissioned by the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council (reproduced with permission)


Goebel, Wilhelm

Goth, Sudduth

   James D. Birchfield, "Sudduth Goff, Artist, a Preliminary Record."  The Kentucky Review,15, no.2, 2003, 111-124.

   "Exhibit of Sudduth Goff's Paintings Includes Portraits of General Duncan, Bishop Abbott, and Other Local Figures."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Feb. 18, 1945.

Gohde, Kurt

   Merlene Davis, "Dolls double as 'love letters'." Lexington Herald-Leader, Mar. 25, 2012,

Goldstein, Susan

Gooch, Peter

Goodlett, Mike

   Amber Scott, "Contact."  Chevy Chaser Magazine, June, 2003, 36-41.

Goodpaster, Denzil

Goodwin, Rae

Gordon, Linda

Gorsen, Susan

Gough, Galen

   Harry Bolser, "Critic Calls Benton's Galen Gough One of America's Greatest Primitive Artists." The Courier-Journal, Mar. 22, 1953.

    Joe Creason, "The World's Strongest Artist."  The Courier-Journal Magazine, Jan. 11, 1953.


Grabowski, Claire Justine

Graviss, Debbie

Gray, Lois Howard

Greene, Herb

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Greenwell, Lauren

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Gray, Gene

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Grider, Logan   

     "Tuska presents debut of new art faculty."  UK News, accessed 8/29/2007,

Gridnev, Valery & Katya

Griffis, Lynn M.

Griffis, Mary Coleman

Gron, Jack

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Gron, Paula

Grossardt, Gretchen

Guenther, John

Gundy, J. Robert, Jr.

Gunther, George

Guyon, Marjorie

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