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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: L

Lackey, John

Northside Shuffle (2011)

Print commissioned by the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council (reproduced with permission)


Lackey, John

   Lexington Herald Leader:  "Arts frontier moves down Limestone" (11/17/2010), "Business HQ with an artful touch" (2/28/2011), "Legacy:  Reflected, Galerie       Soleil..." (11/18/2011), "The Power of Three, part print, part painting and part film, 'Trilobite' shows John Lackey's range of talents" (6/17/2011).

LaFalce, Patricia A.

Lancaster, Clay

   Lexington Herald-Leader, "Kentuckian returns to country calm" (6/28/1982),  "Clay Lancaster's Vision an asset to Kentucky" (12/31/2000),

      Obituary (12/27/2000).

Lancoussis, Andrew

Lanham, Bob

Lanham, Sallie Clay

Lantz, Carrie

LaPine, Sharon

Larusso, Lori

Lawrence, Pat

Layton, Elizabeth


Leadingham, Jo

Lebrun, Raymond

Lee, Obie

Lee, Russell

Legeng, Zhu

Leightty, Howerton

Lemmon, Pax

Lennon, John

Leone, Anne

Lesch, Alma

Leslie, Linda

Levin, Michael

Levy, Bob

Lewis, Jonathan

   Lexington Herald Leader:  "Eight new murals mark VA hospital milestone" (6/7/2006)

Leys, Dale Daniel

Li - Ly

Li, Dongfeng

Libby, Darlene

Lind, David

Lindberg, Laurie

Littleton, Mary Jane

Lockhart, Lynne

Lockhart, Robert

Loffredo, Silvio

Logan, Deane

Logan, Harriet

Logsdon, Marco

Long, Frank

Looper, Bobby

Ludwig, Daniel

Lynch, Patrick