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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: H


Hackett, Mickey

Hadden, Helen

   Erin Jensen, "Helen Hadden:  Life of Art".  Living Well, January 2007, 7.

Hadley, Mary Alice

   Marion Porter, "Charm from Clay."  The Courier-Journal Magazine, Oct. 8, 1950, 32-39.

Haffeez, Joan

   List of pottery

Hager, Jenny K.

Hahn, Ulrike

Halbrooks, Darryl

Hall, Anna Daniel

Hall, Becky


Hall, Betty

Hall, Bruce R.

Hall, Christine

Hall, James Baker

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    Tracy Kershaw, "Noted author returns to where it all began."  Kentucky Kernel, Feb. 19, 2002, 1, 3. 

Halliday, Robert



Hamilton, Ann

Hamilton, Edward

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   Kentucky Monthly, June 2005, 15.

Hamilton, Sylvia Clarke

Hancock, Dell

Hand, Nicole

Hanlon, David

Hanna, Marlene

Harding, Chester

   Robert Taylor, "Artist's original oil portrait reveals the real Daniel Boone."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Aug. 13, 1984, C3, 6.

Harding, Derek

Harding, Roberta M.

Harm, Ray

   Beverly Fortune, "Critics, public agree on Ray harm's wildlife art."  Lexington Herald-Leader, July 26, 2008, C1, 4.

   Michael Embry, "In Harm's Way."  Kentucky Monthly, May 2006, 10-12.

Harpe, David

Harper, William

Harrell, Barbara

Hart, Joel Tanner

   Letter about George Hodgson Saul

Hartford, Laura

Hartman, Gail



Haske, Joseph

Hatfield, Rodney

   Cover illustration, ACE Weekly, May 11, 2000.

   Melissa Lamb, "Artist profile."  ACE, May 1989, 4-5.

   Kevin Nance, "The view from outside."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Sept. 5, 1993, H1, 7.

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Hathaway, Isaac Scott

   Greg Kocher, "Casting light on art history."  Lexington Herald-Leader, March 5, 2003, B1, 3.

Hatemi, Haydar

Hawes, Jeanette

Hawthorne, Lawrence

Hayden, Kenneth

Hayden, Nathan



Head, Robert William

Headley, George W.

   Obituary, Lexington Herald-Leader, Feb. 6, 1985, B1,3.

Heazlitt, Rand

Heffner, Gwen

Heidbrink, Marsha

Henderson, Link

 Saraya Brewer, "Merry Potter, Kentucky Mudworks celebrates 10 years of turning clay into art."  Chevy Chaser magazine, August 2011,16-19.

Henkel, Georgia

Henerson, Vallorie Gwen

Henn, Eric

   "Welcome to our neighborhood."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Sept. 24, 1998, B1.

   Mary Meehan, "Artist at large, bigger is better for painter of airport mural."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Dec. 23, 2004, E1, 8.

    "Work of art in plane view, Blue Grass Airport mural gets a face lift from its creator."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Sept. 18, 2013, A3.

Henry, John

   Postcards & pamphlet

Hensley, Jeff

Henson, Kymber

Herrara, Nicolas



Hill, Dean

Hill, Jeffrey

Hinkle, Harry

Hinz, Valerie

Hirn, Claire

Hisel, Carolyn Young

   David Minton, "Drawing on experience."  Lexington Herald-Leader, April 9, 1989, H1, 5.

   Kat McGee, "Hisel's 'Houseboat Series' continues at ArtsPlace Gallery."  Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1984, 3.

   Ann Tower, "Carolyn Hisel's paintings reflect sense of anxiety, tension." Lexington Herald-Leader, March 18, 1984, D4.

Hite, Marcia S.



Hoagland, Adeline

Hockensmith, John

Hoesli, Bernhard

Holdren, Mike

Holloway, John

   Vicky Broadus, "Stage designer: 'best job in the world'."  Lexington Herald-Leader, April 11, 2010, E1,6.

Holscher, Sandy Foshag

Holt, Linda (Stewart)

Horn, Elaine

Houghton, Barbara

House, Silas

  Ellie Fairbanks, "Kentucky author's play debuts."  Kentucky Kernel, Dec. 1, 2005, 1,3.

  Robert Clark, "The holidays can hurt, UK Theatre Department presents premiere of Silas House's 'The Hurting Part'."  Wildcat Weekly, Dec 1-7, 2005,       10,15.

Howard, Chappell

Howard, Laura Jean

Howell, Glenn O., Jr.

Howell, Kathy Walker

Howell, Peter

Howington, Jeff

Howson, John



Hubbard, John

Huck, Tom

 Huestis, Chris

   David Minton, "'Mutants' to shed light on artist's drawings, writing."  Lexington Herald-Leader, Dec. 10, 2000.

Hughes, Robert

   Alex Crouch, "'Time' art critic says TV programming can be more effective."  Kentucky Kernel, Feb 29, 1984, 6.

Hull, Shayne

Humphrey, Lesley

Hunleigh, Will T.

   Heather Castro, "Lasting impression, exhibit revives the legacy of Sawyier contemporary Will T. Hunleigh."  Lexington Herald-Leader, May 18, 2008, E1,9.

Hunt, Richard

   Paul Kelly, "Artist unveils new sculpture at University."  Kentucky Kernel, March 27, 1992, 3.

Hyleck, Walter