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Artist Files in the Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library: F


Fahy, Maureen


Fain, Howard

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Farmer, David

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Faubert, Todd

Faulkner, Henry

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Feldhaus, Elizabeth

Feldman, Joel

Felling, Arthur

      Youngs, Jenna. “Iconic Photographer’s Work, Rediscovered in Kentucky, now at Indiana Museum,” Lexington Herald-Leader, June 8, 2008.

Fenton, Susan

Ferguson, Kathleen

       Warren, Jim. “Former New Yorker is Sculpting New Life in Lexington,” Lexington Herald-Leader, March 24, 1985.

Ferguson, Wayne

Fernandez, Alfonso

Ferreira, Gloria

Ferrell, Paul

Fertsman, Gerald

        Odyssey The Magazine of University of Kentucky Research and Graduate Studies

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        Minton, David. “UK’s Rebel Artist,” Lexington Herald-Leader, August 6, 1989.

Fessler, Stephen


Frederick, Deborah

Waiting (1996)

Print commissioned by the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council (reproduced with permission)


Fiala, Stephanie

Fick, Bill

Finer, Norma

   Hopkins, Shawntaye. “Georgetown Folk Artist, 80, dies,” Lexington Herald- Leader, April 3, 2010.

Finke, Stephen

Finn, Marvin

Finster, Howard

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Fisher, Suzanne

Fiske, Marin

Fletcher, Bill

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Flores, David

Follis, Nancy

Folsom, Pam

Fontana, Bill

   Copley, Rich. “Town Branch Not Seen, but Now Heard,” Lexington Herald-Leader, July 27, 2011.

Foose, Robert

   Minton, David. “Foose Looks Ahead; Show Looks Back,” Lexington Herald-Leader, April 7, 2002.

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Foote, Trinnett


Freeman, Amy

Lust Intellect (1986)

Print commissioned by the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council (reproduced with permission)


Fraga, Ed

Frank, Bruce

Fraser, Paul

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Frederick, Deborah

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   Obituaries: Lexington Herald-Leader (Jan. 5, 2004

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Freeman, Richard

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Freeman, Roger

Friedman, Julius

Fryman, Ben

   Gumbrecht, Jamie. “The Lure of Creating his Own Space Won,” Lexington Herald-Leader, September 9, 200

Fry, Robert

Fuller, Buckminister

   Krebs, Albin. “R. Buckminister Fuller, Futurist Inventor Dies at 87,” The New York Times, July 3, 1983.

Furnish, Denise